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Thank you for visiting our store. If you want to buy more than we listed, please contact us. We will give you our best price.  Or visit our online store here to find the best feng shui cures online.
Included in our products and services are Feng Shui Cures and enhancers for attracting wealth and prosperity, Feng Shui consultation, fashion jewelries and many more...

Thank you and have a pleasant shopping at Ophiria Online.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet $45.00

The very popular money catcher, The Genuine Black Obsidian wealth Bracelet and other kinds of Lucky charms for prosperity and abundance. We have models and material for all kinds of budgets.
Learn more about this money catcher.

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Manifest Abundance Wealth and Luck with orgonite. Turn bad luck into good luck. By simply placing orgonite in your home will do a lot to balance the energies and the energy flow inside it.  We can also place orgonite strategically in order to further improve the energy flow.
Learn more about organite.

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Manifest Abundance Wealth, Luck and happiness with Over All Lucky Charms. Turn bad luck into good luck. By simply using these lucky charms, they will do a lot to balance the energies and bring you good luck and good fortune.  These lucky charms have the lucky symbols that are believed to give you good fortune and even happiness in your life.
Learn more about our lucky charms.

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We have all kinds of feng shui cures and enhancers you need to attract wealth, abundance and protection. 
These are the most popular feng shui cures.

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In our online store, you can find different kinds of healing crystals and lucky charms. Please visit our online store.
How to use crystals for healing and feng shui.


Our genuine leather products are gorgeous and fashionable. You can find bags, wallets, purses, belts and many other genuine leather products on our online store.
Here are feng shui wallets to attract wealth.


You can find a good deal of wholesale fashion jewelry on our online store, 24k, 18k, 14k real gold, silver, gold filled and high quality fashion jewelry. Please visit the link below.   


Our fashion dresses and evening gowns are stunning! You'll feel like a real princess in our long gowns. 

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